The Village & The Road

‘The great thinning’ was a term coined by  environmental journalist Michael McCarthy, to describe the loss of so many of the birds which once so delighted visitors to the British countryside. The Village and The Road is a response to another 'great thinning'. For the first time in human history there are more people living in cities than in the countryside, many, especially the young, are taking the road out of their villages.

The Village and The Road  is a collaboration with words from celebrated writer Tom Pow, and music from The Galloway Agreement, a new quartet of well-known traditional musicians Wendy Stewart (harp, voice), Ruth Morris (nyckelharpa), Gavin Marwick (fiddle) and Stuart Macpherson (double bass).

As Pow draws on his travels to create the narrative, so The Galloway Agreement  draw on their wide experiences of the musical traditions of Europe to enlarge the landscape and to drive the narrative; adding both drama and poignancy to the story.  The Village and The Road leaves a deep appreciation of the emotional landscape of village life, and the roads that lead out of them.

Crichton Church


Tom Pow was born in Edinburgh in 1950. Primarily a poet, several of his collections have won awards and three of his poetry collections have been short-listed for Scottish Book of the Year. In 2007, he received a Creative Scotland Award for a project aimed at responding in poetry and prose to the social, ecological and cultural effects of demographic changes on villages in Europe. He made trips to affected areas in Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia and Greece. 

During these trips he collected sound files, images, interviews and artworks. We created this new work using this collection.

The Village and The Road will be developed in 2019 to include theatrical direction and slow film projections to create a layered, rich and emotive experience. It will tour in September, If you are interested in booking please get in touch or see our promoters pack.